Chairmony is a revolutionary brand on the Romanian massage armchair market that comes with an increased number of functionalities incorporated in its advanced programs. Chairmony brings to the market incredibly elegant and fine designs that will turn every day into a special one.

The Story of Chairmony

“A few years back, my grandfather was visiting China for the first time. When he came back home, in Romania, he was astonished and extremely enthusiastic about the traditional Chinese massage techniques that he had tried. The massage had made his 30-year old hip pain disappear. I was happy and inspired by his story, so I started searching for accessible and affordable massage techniques for the wide public. I realised that massage can change lives and that it has an endless power over the human body. So I found the armchairs that were going to become the object of my beloved business. These products encompass all the benefits that one could want from a massage chair. They are being produced in China, a country where therapeutic massage is an art, they include a multitude of programs, and they have faultless designs and functions that satisfy a variety of needs. These products bring joy to the body and to the eyes. My grandfather now enjoys his therapy time whenever he wants, as well as plenty of other Romanian customers who have bought our armchairs.”

Julia Sisu - Founder of Chairmony


We’re all about improving your mood in a luxury, but genuine way. We thrive upon the idea that a healthy balanced life is one that encourages productivity and creativity.


Chairmony is the best massage chair on the market, the knight in shining armour that’s always there to help you fight off stress, worries and to help you improve your mood using complex massage techniques, with a side of fashionable design.



Chairmony offers massage armchairs that can be used by anyone who wishes to lead a healthy lifestyle. Regardless of your health status, you must include massage in your daily routine, giving its endless benefits. In case of individuals who suffer from various health conditions, we can bring up a large number of benefits, including pain alleviation, symptom decreasing and even healing. More than that, this type of therapy helps prevent and heal health disorders caused by physical and mental exhaustion and fatigue.


Our massage armchair comes with a variety of programs that you can choose from, including Thai, American, Hong Kong or Chinese. Each and every one of them imitates the motions and touches that the original massage techniques imply, leading the entire body towards a state of full relaxation of the mind and body.

The wishes and requirements of different individuals vary, as they have specific physical needs, which is why the Chairmony massage chairs comes with adjustable functions that can help you personalize your massage sessions. You can start by adjusting the duration of the program and the main body areas that you wish to focus on. Moreover, you can connect the armchair to your smartphone using a Wi-Fi connection and listen to your favourite music while having the perfect massage.

The superior design and the surprising colour combinations in our armchairs make them easy to integrate in any home, completing its aesthetics. Also, they look amazing in beauty salons or waiting rooms, as well as in relaxation rooms of busy companies. The employees who benefit from the massage therapies that the Chairmony products offer are happier and more relaxed, being able to work more efficiently and help your business grow.

At Chairmony, we believe massage must be integrated in the daily routine of every person who wishes to lead a healthy, balanced lifestyle

Why should you choose Chairmony?

In fact, the question that every single one of us should ask is why do I need professional massage in my life? Ask yourself what is the reason you would absolutely need a few moments of complete relaxation in your home or office?

We believe that the list of reasons is endless. Regardless of your health condition, your need of healing your body through massage or of a perfectly good body shape, Chairmony can bring you the mood that you long for, as well as plenty health benefits that can only be obtained through massage.

Therapeutic massages such as Thai, American or Chinese are widely recommended among individuals of all ages that are healthy and among those with health concerns. Imagine that you can have any of the worldwide popular massages, as well as personalized massages, adapted to your needs and requirements. You can enjoy these massage types at home or at the office. Are you interested in knowing the full range of benefits that such a massage armchair can offer? This is just the beginning.

Chairmony is the most complex massage chair on the market, thanks to…

  • Its ability to give a full body massage
  • Its special rolls that can be programmed to massage with various depths and intensities
  • Its 114 air pillows that inflate and deflate in a rhythmic way to offer the best massage
  • Its carbon fibre heating system that stimulates blood circulation
  • Its 12 innovative functions that make it a unique product. Read more about the functions and benefits of Chairmony armchairs.
  • Its elegant design, created by famous Italian designers
  • Its superior comfort that cannot be compared to that of any other chair
  • Its durable materials that make it durable and sustainable
  • Its customized massage capabilities, depending on your daily mood
  • Its smart connectivity features that allow you to connect your smartphone and listen to your favourite music during the massage
  • Its four shapes and colours
  • The customization options that our company offers, using materials, colours and textures of your own choice, or even the logo of your brand
  • Its highly adaptable style that can be integrated into any space
  • The auxiliary services offered by the Chairmony team that can make the acquisition, installation and setup much easier

If you wish to see these functions and benefits for yourself, do not hesitate to pay us a visit and test it in our Bucharest showroom.


The company is running strictly under the ISO 9001: 2000 certification system, and all our products have been approved by the CE, CB and RoHS certification.