The Benefits of Massage Therapy

Complex, contemporary and creative,
Chairmony is a top massage chair, thanks to its high quality and attention to details

Try a whole new relaxation approach! Adapted to the needs of our century.

Chairmony is a top product in the message chair field.

Thanks to its luxurious design and complex functionalities, Chairmony can compete with a physiotherapy or professional massage session, representing also a top accessory in a home or office.

Regardless of the colour and design that you choose, the Chairmony armchairs include the same functionalities that you can control using any smart device.

You are invited to discover its functions.

The audio function

Control the type of music that you want to listen to using a smartphone or a tablet. The audio system of the armchair is placed at the right side of the head area, near the head airbags.

Thanks to the Chairmony app, you will be able to control the functions of the armchair, as well as the music of your choice. Imagine the state of mind that you will be able to obtain once you listen to relaxing music and have a customized massage session, at the same time.

The soft-balance system

Your muscles and ligaments require relaxation sessions as often as possible. In case you have experienced several therapeutic massage sessions so far, you were probably asked about the body areas that you wish to focus on. The massage armchair that Chairmony designs for you is based on the same principle, offering you the massage you need and focusing on the areas that you believe are tenser.

By activating the Soft-Balance system, the armchair will move and slide in a given rhythm, offering you more of a relaxing massage, rather than a therapeutic session.

The S-L support

The long office hours that characterize our century can have a series of negative consequences over our bones and muscles. The incorrect posture that you have while sitting at your desk and the long pauses that you make in front of a computer can be harmful for your body, causing pain and discomfort in the neck and back areas. This is the main reason why Chairmony was especially designed to alleviate these types of pain.

Thanks to the S-shaped support, the armchair provides the perfect neck and back massage. Also, the L-shaped support allows the chair to massage your body all the way to your knees.


Did you know that reflex therapy is one of the main healing methods that the human body can take advantage of? It functions according to the simple principles that state that every organ in our bodies is connected to a reflection point.

If you want to benefit from this healing technique, you will be delighted to know that the Chairmony products encompass this function and can help you improve the vital parameters of your body.

More than that, you will be able to regain your energetic balance and to activate your sanguine circulation, as well as to heal a large number of affections.

Body scanning

Imagine a massage chair that can adapt to your body size, offering the exact massage type that you need. This is now possible thanks to the body scanning function of the Chairmony armchair.

By comparison to other massage chairs on the market, these models are equipped with special sensors that alternate between a wide focalization and a punctual one. Therefore, the massage chair will focus on each important spot in your body, detecting its size and proportions.

This way, you will be offered a customized massage session that can reach your reflex spots.


Designed with great attention to details by renowned Italian designers, the Chairmony products stand between modernism and personality.

Through the unique designs, they offer a high level of comfort, bringing to the market dynamic lines and elegance, in a combination of colours and textures.

From classic to futurist, the Chairmony products make a meticulous selection of materials. Either you will choose to place it in your home or in your company’s office, this armchair will create an exclusive, luxurious atmosphere.

Air massage

We know that you can only enjoy a good massage if the entire session is dedicated to your needs, from head to toes, which is why Chairmony includes 114 airbags that increase and decrease their volume in a rhythmic way during the massage session.

All the airbags were especially designed to work for you and placed strategically, so that they delight the senses in the most important areas of your body: the head, the shoulders, the arms, the buttocks, neck, back and legs. Are you ready to experience a session that not only delights your senses, but also brings you multiple health benefits?

Try the air massage brought to you by Chairmony!

Leg massage

Either you have an active lifestyle and you are always on the move or you simply spend long hours on a chair, your legs and feet need intense muscular relaxation in order for the blood circulation to function properly.

The Chairmony armchair includes innovative functions for the massage of the legs, in order to offer you unique reflex therapy experienced that will help you rebalance your energies.

Being equipped with automatic extension sensors, the massage armchair offers you the benefits of comfort and relaxation every single time.


One of the main factors that determine the level of relaxation in your muscles is the sanguine circulation.

Thanks to the heating function, your circulation is activated and your back muscles get to relax completely. The heating method is also therapeutic and it is often used by physicians for patients with a back pain historical.

The innovative Chairmony massage chairs are equipped with a heating system that uses carbon fibres and offers all the benefits of a physiotherapy session.

The zero gravity position

Physicians state that the zero gravity position is the ideal body position for any human being.

This is the position in which the body manages to reach the highest relaxation level, by improving the blood circulation and helping the entire body to balance its functions. The zero balance position is also known as the astronauts’ position¸ as during their take-off, they must sit in a pose that excludes all risks for the muscles.

The zero gravity position is offered by the Chairmony products, allowing users to relax the entire body in no time.

The Chairmony app

If you already own a Chairmony massage chair and you wish to control it in a simple way, by accessing all of its functions using a single device, you can download and install the Chairmony app on your smartphone. It is available for both iOS and Android operating systems and it has an intuitive, easy to use interface that helps you control the functions of the chair from any smart device. More than that, it allows you to create your own dream moments by customizing the massage sessions and adapting all the functions depending in your needs.

Therefore, you can have your favourite massage session and listen to music at the same time.

The temple`s massage

Chairmony brings to the market the most complex massage armchairs, managing to encompass all the necessary functions for a full body massage.

Thanks to an airbag system and the air pillows that it includes, the Chairmony chairs offer incredible temple massage sessions that help you relax instantly. This innovative option cannot be found in any other similar products on the market.

Thanks to this function, you will be able to get yourself a full massage and enjoy your pampering moments at home or at your office.

Customized massage

As you probably already discovered, the Chairmony massage is an innovative product, based on the individual differentiation principle, according to which all people have different needs.

The Chairmony armchair is the one product that can offer you customized massage sessions, depending on your needs and focusing on the body areas that need your attention the most.

Regardless of the massage technique that you enjoy, this massage chair can offer you anything you want: Chinese, Thai or American therapeutic or relaxation massage. le.