Privacy policy

General Information

The most important thing to us is your safety and security. The following privacy policy was created to help you trust our website’s security. All your data is safe with us. We are not responsible for leakage of information to third-party websites or any apps connected to them. Please check all of the apps and websites you access while browsing www.chairmony.ro.

Colecting Personal Data

Certain www.chairmony.ro sections will ask you to fill in your personal data such as name, address, birthday, e-mail or phone number. Once filling in your personal data you agree that it could be used as specified in the privacy policy.
Personal data is only used to process functionalities such a giving you access to more privileged areas of the website, our newsletter or personalization of your website visits.

We also assess market research once in a while via newsletter. There you will receive all the information you need about our products.

Personal Data Disclosure

Every information you offer www.chairmony.ro is used by our employees so that we can offer you the best services. This data in safe and won’t be available to the general public until it is required by law.


Cookies are small data that the website you browse stock on your computer. Most sites you use everyday use these. They can be in images, newsletters or any sections on the website. If you don’t want to use cookies anymore, go to your browser Settings section and disable them. Warning! By disabling cookies you cannot access most interactive parts of the website you are browsing, in this case www.chairmony.ro.


The most important thing on www.chairmony.ro is your security. We protect your data by using our strong back-end systems that stock and secure the information you provided by accessing our website.

Policy changes

Any policy changes will be published on our website. Check this section out every once in a while to be up to date with our current modifications and updates.