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Dr. Leahu, Dental Clinics

Chairmony raises the industry standards and establishes a new performance threshold through its armchairs. The doctors and nurses in our offices use these massage chairs to relax between interventions....

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Choose from the four main types that Chairmony armchairs bring you: the Gold Harmony (gold), the Pitch Black (black), the Brown Envy (brown) and the Future Comfort. Each armchair`s design is the result of famous Italian designer`s inspiration and creativity. All models include the same functions and programs, but come with different, inspiring designs.

Modern chair

This armchair has the ideal printed in its details. The joy of a healthy life that lacks stress is hidden in the impressive number of functions that the Modern Armchair offers you. With four colour options and a flawless design, it includes the latest technologies that one needs. The Chairmony armchair brings you a series of programs that help your body function properly and relax completely. From body scanning and heating, a full-body massage that uses 114 airbags to the audio functions that allow you to listen to your favourite music on your smartphone, the Modern Armchair encompasses technologies that transform a massage chair into one of the top accessories in your home or company.


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Future comfort

Because of its coloring, the white version of Chairmony is suitable for beauty parlors and doctor’s offices. Its design creates a futuristic illusion because of the combination of red, white and baby blue.

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Pitch black

This is the classic version of Chairmony and it’s suitable for the office and at home. Because of its leather finishing it’s perfect for any interior.

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Brown envy

The Brown version is similar to black one and it is also suitable for any type of room, with any type of interior design.

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Golden harmony

This version is the most elegant and goes perfectly in a minimalist setting. It’s suitable for an office because of its elegance.

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Retro Advanced

Relax in your own way. The Advanced retro version of the Chairmony armchair is an impersonation of the classic style, completed by an innovative design. The advanced technology that it includes turns it into the best personal kinetotherapist that you have ever had. Be ready to experience unqiue relaxation moments thanks to the incredible endowments that the Retro Armchair offers you: 22 airbags, 3 massage programs, heating functions and impeccable body moulding. All of those benefits are supplemented by the visual delight of its classic looks. This armchair can become the secret ingredient of a stress-free, productive life.


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retro advanced beige

Retro advanced Beige

Dotat cu 44 perne de aer și funcție de încălzire în fotoliu atât pentru spate cât și pentru picioare, acest model de fotoliu este o variantă accesibilă la terapie prin masaj în fiecare zi.

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retro advanced black

Retro advanced Black

Dotat cu 44 perne de aer și funcție de încălzire în fotoliu atât pentru spate cât și pentru picioare, acest model de fotoliu este o variantă accesibilă la terapie prin masaj în fiecare zi.

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Exclusively charming individualization: Chairmony offers multiple customization options, offering a wide range of decorations, textures, colours and finishes. You can create a unique design that fits your personality, including leather insertions, mirrors, unique colour palettes and individual tones in order to create exclusive armchair models.

A customized armchair for a unique personality!


Why us

Chairmony is the most complex massage chair and its design is unique because it has been created by famous Italian designers. Chairmony’s main feature is the fact that can offer the user a personalized program that other chairs can’t.

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