Modern Range


These bring your body to the highest level of relaxation with the 114 built-in airbags, rollers for the back, calves and soles, as well as the 6 massage programs. Functions such as body scan, armchair heating, air massage and audio playback turn Modern Armchair into a top accessory for your home or business.

It is available in four standard colour options and offers an unlimited number of customization options to fit into the decor of any room.


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Modern Range

This armchair has the ideal printed in its details. The joy of a healthy life that lacks stress is hidden in the impressive number of functions that the Modern Armchair offers you. With four colour options and a flawless design, it includes the latest technologies that one needs. The Chairmony armchair brings you a series of programs that help your body function properly and relax completely. From body scanning and heating, a full-body massage that uses 114 airbags to the audio functions that allow you to listen to your favourite music on your smartphone, the Modern Armchair encompasses technologies that transform a massage chair into one of the top accessories in your home or company.

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Future comfort

Because of its coloring, the white version of Chairmony is suitable for beauty parlors and doctor’s offices. Its design creates a futuristic illusion because of the combination of red, white and baby blue.

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Pitch black

This is the classic version of Chairmony and it’s suitable for the office and at home. Because of its leather finishing it’s perfect for any interior.

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Brown envy

The Brown version is similar to black one and it is also suitable for any type of room, with any type of interior design.

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Golden harmony

This version is the most elegant and goes perfectly in a minimalist setting. It’s suitable for an office because of its elegance.

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Technical specifications

specificatii tehnice



The body is your home, so it is important to be good with it, give it quality food, train it carefully, give it the rest it needs, massage it when it wants to be spoiled.”

Due to its luxurious design and complex functionalities, Chairmony can be a good personal kinetotherapist and a top accessory for any home or office. Whatever colour and design, Chairmony Modern Chair incorporates the functions described below.


The ergonomic design of the S-shapedbackrest accurately imitates the curves of the spine and provides support for the head, the cervical area, the back, and especially the lumbar area, the most demanding one. This technology helps to relieve and combat back pains that can appear due to a sedentary lifestyle or incorrect posture. This increases flexibility and reduces back discomfort, relaxing tense muscles and over time correcting the defective position.

Besides, the L-shapeprovides a correct and straight position for the back, while allowing the rollers to provide a full massage from the head to the knees.


sistem avansat role

With aging or due to a sedentary or incorrect back posture during the working hours, the dorsal area may become painful, which may become an impediment to day-to-day activities. ChairmonyMassage Chair supports people with such problems, providing a full head-to-soles massage by using an advanced silicone roller system.

The massage provided by this innovative roller system offers the experience of chiropractors-masters’ treatment, whose massage technique consists in applying pressure to the joints, spine and muscles.

sistem avansat role
Thus, the roller system helps to restore the correct position of these structures, influencing the central nervous system – the spinal cord, located in the vertebral canal and the peripheral nervous system – through the spinal nerves at this level. The rolls are present both on the back and on the calves and soles, providing a unique experience by massaging all these areas simultaneously.


sistem avansat role

Unlike other massage chairs, the head cushion Chairmony is equipped with is U-shaped, being unique in the world. This provides a perfect massage on the temples, effective to improve head blood flow and cranial muscular depletion, resulting in stress reduction and the control of headaches or migraines.

Including the temporal bone and partly the sphenoid bone, the temples area is particularly important, some of the most complex cranial nerves passing through this area.

The Chairmony chair has been patented for trigeminal massage.

masaj tample

It massages the fifth pair of cranial nerves, ensuring the sensitivity of the face and innervation of the lower maxillary muscles. In this way, the massage allows for better relaxation of the muscles as well as the improvement of the neural transmission of the facial receptors.


Zero Gravity’s goal is to bring the body to the highest level of relaxation, by enhancing the blood circulation throughout the body. In Zero Gravity, our body is ready for a perfect, intense massage that will really release us from stress.

zero gravity
This position stimulates the improvement of blood flow by lifting the feet to the body axis and reducing the pressure in the veins, relaxing the general muscles and relieving the lumbar pain. Besides, by this position, the Chairmony massage chair will eliminate muscle or joint pain caused by uncomfortable pressures caused by gravitational force.


masajul gambelor
Chairmony offers a pleasant massage of the calves that helps relieve stress and muscle tension in the legs. Thanks to the sensor that measures the length of the legs, the rollers and air cushions extend or retract automatically, providing a massage at the most comfortable angle.

The calf musclesgroups are among the most used muscles throughout the day.

This position stimulates the improvement of blood flow by lifting the feet higher than the body axis and reducing the pressure in the veins, relaxing the general muscles and relieving the lumbar pain. In addition, this Chairmony massage chair will eliminate muscle or joint pain caused by uncomfortable pressures caused by gravitational force. Muscle and joint relaxing is important for preventing varicose veins. Besides, at this level there is a particularly important muscular structure called the Achilles’ tendon, whose stimulation is essential for maintaining elasticity and preserving motor functions, but also for relieving pain.



The reflexology massage is a holistic therapy that is based on stimulating the self-healing ability of the body. The human brain functions like a computer – we have the ability to program and erase any thoughts and feelings that affect us during our lives.

Therefore, the reflexology massage has a discreet effect on the functioning of the organs, glands and body areas by stimulating the reflexogenic zones of acupressure inthe soles, legs and hands.

Thus, the function of reflexology has calming effects and helps us to improve the vital parameters of the body,to regain energy balance and to activate blood circulation. The roller and heating system offers a pleasant massage of the soles, acting the reflex points, equating to a reflexology massage session.



At any therapeutic massage session we are asked at first what are the painful areas in the body that we want the massage to focus on.

With the Soft Balance system, the chair will move and slide rhythmically, so you will reach the ideal position for relaxation. The Soft Balance system helps us find balance, both physically and mentally. First, balancing helps to improve blood circulation and lymphatic circulation, which are brought back to normal.

Besides, balancing and massage made simultaneously stimulate and nourish the nervous and endocrine systems. Performed by slow and soothing manoeuvres, balancing is an effective means against muscle strain, mental tension, and anxiety and stress. Soft Balance System will produce a relaxing and relieving effect and will remove tiredness, helping to release a series of hormones that induce a well-being throughout the body.

sistemul soft balance


Created by considering the principle that each individual has different needs, Chairmony is the first massage chair that can provide aindividualised massage, depending on the shape of the body and the needs of each individual. With the remote control or mobile app, we can choose the massage chair to focus on the areas that hurt the most. We can also adjust the intensity of the air cushions and rollers and we can choose the type of massage we want and the favourite program. There are 6 levels of roller speed and 5 air cushion levels. Besides, for the soles, there are 3 levels of roller speed intensity. At any time during massage, we can disable an area that we do not like, focusing on massaging the area of our body we prefer to.

Thus,for each individual, Chairmony offers a unique massage, tailored to his/her needs.


sistemul audio
“Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe,wings to thought, soar to the, charm to youth, life and the joy to all things,”, Platon said.
With the two speakers on the sides of the head, Chairmony offers a complete experience to the person who uses it. Thus, it manages to combine the benefits of massage with the feeling of attending a music therapy session.

This is an instrument in the treatment of diseases of the nervous system, inducing a particular psychic state to the listener.

Music therapy reduces physical, mental stress, stimulates the immune system and diminishes negative emotions. With the Chairmony application, we can connect the mobile device to the two massage chair’s speakers,located in the headrest area, close to the airbags that gently massage the temples. By having the freedom to choose the ambient music, our relaxation will be complete


functi focus

Each day, depending on the efforts made, each person’s individual massage needs may vary. That’s why Chairmony chair offers the possibility not only to customise our massage, but to focus on the area of the body we prefer. As for instance, maybe we feel a slight pain in the neck area today, but tomorrow we need a massage more focused on the lumbar area. If we go in for a sport, we are subject to the risk of muscle pain in the areas most requested by that sport. That’s why, with the Focus Function, we can choose the body area where we want a focused or different massage.


incalzirea in fotoliu
Relaxation of muscles is done at maximum intensity due to the heating function in the massage chair. This is a physiotherapeutic method often applied by physicians to patients suffering from back pain to accelerate blood circulation and combat pain. Heat therapy has beneficial effects on soft tissues: muscles, tendons, ligaments, as it reduces their rigidity and increases joint mobility. The Chairmony massage chair is equipped with a carbon fibre heating system that offers all the benefits of a physiotherapy session.

By feeling warm, the pain in the entire back and calves is lowered, andwe shall be in a good mood. Besides, heat has a vasodilator effect, improving oxygen and nutrient transport to injured muscle tissue,as well as draining carbon dioxide and metabolic waste, for better and faster recovery.


The 114 air cushions in the Chairmony chair are rhythmically inflated and deflated during the massage session. They have been strategically positioned to contain a larger body surface. In addition, they are accompanied by the rollers for the back, calves and soles. Air cushion massage improves venous return and tissue perfusion, which will result in a well-explained state of release by endorphins. Lymphatic drainage stimulates the elimination of stagnant water in the body and improves the look of orange skin, the feared and unwanted cellulite. Besides, specialists also mention fighting the feeling of “heavy legs” that occurs due to sedentariness and improving the quality of sleep among other benefits.

masajul cu aer


From the first moment a person sits down in the Chairmony chair, its sensors automatically turn on the Body Scan function. Thus, the air cushions and massage rollers take the shape of the body and fit perfectly on muscles. That’s why, before we start the massage, we will feel comfort at the highest level, total relaxation and we will be ready to start an individual, customised massage session. The Chairmony Chair will give us a welcome experience with the body scan function, adapting itself to provide the exact massage each individual’s body needs.

scanare corporala


Normally, a regular massage chair needs a positioning about 50 cm from the wall, so as not to touch it at the time of the massage. Unlike ordinary massage chairs, Chairmony features a special design and special wall-mounted function called Zero Space.

zero space
Thus, by sliding the chair, it does not require a positioning more than 12 cm away from the wall. With Zero Space function, everybody will enjoy the perfect fit of the Chairmony chair in theroom even though theavailable area is a small one.


aplicatia mobila

With the free mobile app for Android and iOS, we can use our own smartphone or tablet as a remote control in order to control all the massage chair’s aforementioned functions.

aplicatie mobila
aplicatie mobila
Thus, we will create our own dreamy moments by customizing the massage, adapting the functions to the momentary requirements and playing our favourite music through the two audio speakers of the chair located in the head area.



90% of toxins in the body are generatedat the emotional level.


With the Chairmony armchair, we no longer have to go to a relaxing salon to take advantage of a variety of massage types.

Chairmony can be an excellent personal masseur, which is always at our disposal. Thanks to the 6 automatic massage programs that we can enjoy every day, our lives will become more relaxing and carefree.



The Chinese massage is a method of therapy with very ancient origins, which has evolved over the millennia, reaching today a high level of experience and refinement.

Its bases and the acupuncture’s ones are the same. The principle of Yin-Yang and the law of the five elements applied to the human being are concretized in the conception of the network of vessels and meridians that connects the organs, the viscera and the whole organism, enabling the proper circulation and distribution of energy and blood. In Chinese medicine, health corresponds to a correct Yin-Yang equilibrium, concretized in a good assimilation and circulation of energy, blood and fluids in the body.

Besides, the Chinese massage has a “Stretching” function. Thus, it is recommended for people who stay for a long time at the office

hong kong



Considered a highly relaxing massage by most therapists, Hong Kong massage is beneficial not only for rheumatism or back diseases but also helps treating and preventing many health problems.

It involves a bunch of techniques such as pushing, pressing, squeezing, rocking, friction, tapping and more. Hong Kong massage seeks to approach the treatment of all forms of rheumatic diseases and to relief their symptoms. Rheumatic diseases can have a wide range of conditions, manifested by joint, bone and muscular pain. This type of massage is performed in the initial position of the chair. It is recommended for people who want a more gentle massage.




It is a complete massage that starts from the soles and gradually climbs on the legs, thighs, back, neck, hands and ends with the head area. Its role is to maximally relax and balance the body and to make the back to adopt a correct and healthy position. This ancient form of body healing offers a special experience, different from other types of massage. Specialists say it is yoga-like.

Thai massage does not only address the body, but also the mind, using as a dogma the theory of energy lines that cross the entire body. It uses two main techniques, one that manipulates the bone system and one based on simple actions on the peripheral nervous system, and they manage to balance the body functions, eliminating toxins accumulated in the body, relieving migraines, arthritis, back pain and having beneficial effects in case of paralysis.

With this type of massage, the position has to be changed every 3 minutes and is recommended for people who want a more intense massage.




This type of massage helps to fight against muscle pains. It has been designed to remedy spots where pain appears, circulatory problems, nerves compression and body posture or injury problems. American massage is complete, offering total relaxation moments, which is gradually increased from soles to head. This massage method originates in South America and is less common in Europe. But now, with Chairmony, we can enjoy it anytime. In this type of massage, the armchair will also act as a rocking chair, giving the user an intense sense of relaxation.


For every individual who feels the need for a more focused upper body massage, with Chairmony it is possible to only choose the body upper limbs. For this type of massage, the armchair adopts the right position for the body and offers a massage that gradually increases in the shoulders, arms, head and neck area. This type of massage is ideal for people with cervical spine pain. Frequently applied, the superior massage program manages to relieve and even significantly reduce pain.


This massage program especially involves lower limbs such as lumbar region, buttocks, calves and soles. As the lower limbs are thicker and stronger than the upper limbs, this type of massage is more intense and involves the kneading, friction and tappingof all the muscles in the lower body. Lower massage program is ideal for people with back pain due to a sedentary lifestyle or weight lifting.



Happiness is not anintensity-related matter, but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony.


Each of the above-mentioned massage programs can be individualised thanks to the six techniques that Chairmony integrates. All these techniques alternate during the massage, but we can individually select any of them in order to enjoy a massage that we like.



Kneading is a circular technique by which skin and underlying connective tissue are rotated and compressed together with muscles, ligaments, tendons, and bones.

This technique is recommended for all persons except those with inflammation, healing wounds, or pregnant women. The pressure is directed in the direction of venous return of the blood to the heart, facilitating this vital function of the body.



Now we have the opportunity to enjoy the power of touch and acupuncture! Shiatsu technique comes from the Japanese ancient culture and was adopted by the Chinese medicine.

It works on the basis of the deep pressure applied to the tissues on the 12 meridians of the body. The Shiatsu technique combines the oriental massage with notions of anatomy and physiology presented by current medicine. The theory on which it is based is that of holism, which involved a relationship between the human body and the universe.

Also called “needleless acupuncture”, this type of massage is designed to unlock and balance the routes of the energy meridians by removing the TSUBO blocking points. It has analgesic and relaxing effects and is recommended for people suffering from conditions such as tendinitis, lombosciatics, back, neck, and shoulderschronic or acute pain, insomnia, nervousness, problems of the circulatory and reproductive systems – especially for menstrual pains; it is also recommended for reducing stress and tiredness due to a chaotic daily rhythm.



This massage technique involves fast and easy touching of different areas of the body for short, but intense periods of time. It is suitable for small and delicate areas and is also used in Indian medicine for head treatments.

This technique stimulates the skin, muscles and nerves in the area where it is applied. It has a special stimulating effect on the circulatory system by determining the dilation and heating of the blood vessels, causing it to relax.



This technique involves several muscles groups. Thus, it fights against and even eliminates the back, neck, shoulder or hip pain. By lightly knocking the skin with the rollers, you will be able to improve blood circulation, reduce muscle tension and pressure, and relax both physically and mentally. You can choose this technique for completely relax your whole body or to focus on certain areas, depending on where the pain or the muscular discomfort persists.



The rolling technique applies especially to the muscles and skin. It involves their lateral compression by pressing and squeezing, in order to improve circulation in the area where it is applied. This technique is used to identify and treat painful or inflamed areas of the muscles, nerves, bones and blood vessels. It is one of the most widespread massage techniques in the world and can be applied in all areas of the body, except for: swollen areas, hernia, pregnancy or wounds. This technique stimulates skin nutrition, by increasingthe blood supply, helps fatty acids degradation and fat loss, increases elasticity of the dermis and epidermis, can induce a relaxed or revitalized state, depending on the intensity it is applied with.


Forsimultaneously taking advantage of all the techniques mentioned above, Chairmony offers this solution to you. By combining the massage techniques, Chairmony offers complete movements such as: kneading, tapping, knocking, rolling and also acupuncture. Users who are not familiar with each massage techniqueare advised firstly prepare their body using the “Combination” technique to simultaneously test all the massage techniques that the Chairmony offers. Thus, the user will discover what technique he/she prefers and will know how to choose that technique later, in order to enjoy a massage that is perfectly suited to him/her.

Individualization with exclusive charm, Chairmony offers you multiple customization possibilities. A rich range of ornaments, textures, colours and finishes are available. You can create a unique design to represent you. From leather, mirror, avant-garde colours, the exclusive Chairmony tone gives your chair an exclusive touch and uniqueness.
An individual armchair for a unique personality!